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David Arnold to do score for Bond 21- almost sure
David Arnold is the composer for the next 007 adventure "Casino Royale".  This was reported by various sources including   ...
"The Music of Bond, James Bond" LIVE in Concert 
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra presents classic Bond songs and soundtracks live at Royal Festival Hall, London. The concert will take place ... 
Documentary about Ken Adam on German Television
On 26 October 2003 the Gernan TV station Bayern 3 (B3) shows a documentation about the film architect Ken Adam who was involved in many Bond films from Dr. No to Moonraker.
More  19/October/2003 
Mariah Carey to perform Bond 21 title song?
According to People News Mariah Carey is to sing the title song for the next 007 film. People News also reports that Mariah Carey will have a cameo role in ...
More  09/August/2003 
US release of "Die Another Day" DVD can be preordered now
After the region 2 release (UK and German edition) have been available for preorder since several weeks amazon.com now also offers the code 1 US ...
More   13/March/2003 
Madonna's new album to include "Die Another Day"
Madonna's new album "American Life" will include the title track from "Die Another" day.  The release of the album is scheduled for April 22, 2003. 
More   13/March/2003 
Online petition for extended DAD soundtrack release started
As many 007 soundtrack fans know, the soundtrack release of "Die Another Day" from last year was very incomplete.  Great parts of David Arnolds film score ...
More   05/March/2003 
  Remastered 007 soundtracks to be released in Germany
EMI Germany confirmed that the 16 remastered 007 soundtracks will be released in Germany in the middle of April. An exact release date is still not known ...
More   20/Feb/2003 
Track listings of remastered 007 soundtracks 
The first 8 discs from the remastered Bond soundtracks should be available since today. While many online shops still list the discs to be as forthcoming or ... 
More   11/Feb/2003 
New remastered 007 soundtrack releases can be preordered at Amazon.com 
It is now possible to preorder the new remastered 40th anniversary James Bond soundtracks at Amazon.com. 
More   22/Jan/2003 [updated 11/Feb/2003]
Details on second phase of 007 soundtrack rereleases
EMI now also released information on the second release phase of remastered 007  soundtracks. On 25 February 2003 the following ...
More   21/Jan/2003
Details on first phase of 007 soundtrack rereleases
EMI confirmed the release of several 007 soundtracks in February 2003. The releases are split in 2 phases. The first phase of release includes ...
More   12/Jan/2003
Release dates and additional information on forthcoming expanded 007 soundtracks releases
Even no official announcement for the releases have been made FilmScore already posted the release dates and additonal information for the forthcoming expanded 007 soundtrack editions...
More   07/Dec/2002
Expanded editions of 007 soundtracks to be released soon 
According to Music From The Movies the Ian Fleming Foundation has confirmed that new expanded editions of the soundtracks will be released soon ...
More   24/Nov/2002
"Die Another Day" single is climbing up the charts 
Madonna's single "Die Another Day" - the title track from the forthcoming new Bond adventure ...
More   10/Nov/2002
Cover picture of "Die Another Day" single published
The cover picture of the forthcoming single "Die Another Day" for Bond 20 was published now. ...
More   07/Oct/2002
Breaking news: "Die Another Day" already be played on radio now / mp3 of "DAD" avaible in the net
Currently the news regarding the "DAD" release really are  already old news after one day. After a radio station ...
More   28/Sept/2002
Track listings of the "DAD" single releases
Madonnarama.com published the track listings of the forthcoming "DAD" single releases...
More   28/Sept/2002


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November  2005
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October 2005
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03 July 2004
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- added 7" vinyl release to "The Living Daylights" (a-ha)

30 November 2003
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- added 12" vinyl release to "Diamonds Are Forever" (David McAlmont version)

- added several "Tomorrow Never Dies" promo CD.

03 November 2003
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- added UK MC and second UK MCD (with video track) to "Tomorrow Never Dies" single releases

19 October 2003
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- extensive additions to the albums "The World Is Not Enough"
- extensive additions to the single releases "The World Is Not Enough"

09 May 2003
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- added vinyl release information ...

03 March 2003
Several Changes 

- added vinyl release information to "Thunderball", "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Moonraker".
- updated Translation Page

21 December 2002
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- added "Die Another day" (German 2-track CD)
- added "Promo Medley" single

23 November 2002
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- updated and corrected "Die Another Day" album
- added "All Time High" single

10 November 2002
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- added "Die Another Day" single
- added "Die Another Day" album

03 October 2002
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- added "Best Of Bond ... James Bond" (2002) CD

02 September 2002
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